Traditional Marketing

We hear it everywhere we go.  Business owners and marketers are convinced that traditional marketing, such as TV, radio, print, and direct mail, are as dead as yesterday's fish. "TV is dead.  You should all be focusing on YouTube." "Radio is dead. Podcasting is the way to go." "Print is dead. All you need to succeed is a website and a Facebook page."  "Direct mail is dead.  E-mail blast is the only effective thing out there."

Sometimes, they make a decent point. In some ways, digital marketing can be a very efficient strategy to take. Most of our clients have a digital marketing program, which we encourage, of course.  However, to say that all of the above-mentioned media is "dead" is not recognizing the power that it still has in the market, particularly in your local community.  The only thing that died, in regards to traditional marketing, is the scatter gun approach that dominated media purchasing in the 1990's.

The adage that "sometimes, more is just... more" could not be more appropriate in traditional marketing.  However, targeting is very possible in traditional marketing; you just have to know where to look. We take your target demographic, and then make strategic decisions based on geography, income, and more.

Traditional marketing, particularly smartly used in a hyperlocal strategy, can have great benefit to small and large businesses.  By focusing attention where it should be, we help you to be heard above the noise and make a lasting impact.